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Rolex and the Oscars

Combining heritage with passion, Rolex has been a proud sponsor of the Oscars for decades.

For more than a half a century, Rolex has partnered some of the world’s most talented artists and leading cultural institutions to celebrate excellence and contribute to perpetuating artistic heritage, creating a link between the past, present and future.

Through the Rolex Perpetual Arts Initiative, a broad portfolio of arts that extends through music, architecture, cinema and the Rolex mentoring programme, the brand confirms its long-term commitment to global culture.

Rolex has always maintained close ties with the world of cinema. Its watches have played their own role on the wrists of legendary characters in numerous films, including multiple Oscar-winning masterpieces. And today, by its support of artistic and technical excellence in filmmaking, Rolex itself has become an active participant in its own right.


Cinema is a perpetual movement. It has the power to bring history to life and to explore every possible future, both collective and individual. Like a Rolex watch, cinema is ingrained with our memories and aspirations. It is witness to our ambitions and to our determination to overcome any obstacle we may find along our way. More than simply 24 frames per second, or 24 hours within a day, it embodies the very essence of our emotions.


In 1926, the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, invented a revolutionary waterproof wristwatch that made headlines, the Oyster. Just months later, audiences marvelled at The Jazz Singer, the first ever talkie. These two moments in time signalled the arrival of both modern filmmaking and modern watchmaking.

In 1931, Rolex introduced another visionary breakthrough in the Oyster Perpetual: the first waterproof, automatic-winding wristwatch, equipped with a Perpetual rotor. Meanwhile, cinema saw colour make its big-screen debut.

From then on, Rolex and cinema would always resonate with the times. To this day, they continue to share a quest for excellence, innovation and progress, which encourages the greatest aspirations.


Decade after decade, a growing cast of celebrities would wear a Rolex onscreen.As their watch of choice, the greatest actors and directors would, in turn, reflect on the watch and bestow it with their own charisma and flair. But after being a guest star on their wrist, both in front and behind the camera, Rolex would soon take on a starring role.


In 2017 two major events would cement the longstanding association between Rolex and the film industry. Firstly, director Martin Scorsese joined James Cameron as a Rolex Testimonee. And the same year, the brand sealed its partnership with the film industry’s highest authority, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Rolex became the Exclusive Watch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Proud Sponsor of the Oscars® and Exclusive Sponsor of the Governors Awards. Rolex is also a Founding Supporter of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures which opened in Los Angeles in September 2021.

Rolex accordingly promotes excellence, the perpetuation of knowledge, the conservation of the art and rise of new talent. The Academy’s mission is to uphold excellence in film and preserve its legacy for future generations, to spark the imagination and to celebrate cinema’s universal values. Hence, it is the convergence of values between Rolex and the Academy that is underscored through this long-term partnership.


When an actor chooses to wear a Rolex watch, its presence on their wrist adds information to the plot. The personal effect lends the character a possible history, past and destiny. It reveals something of the temperament, taste, values, aspirations and mindset of the person who wears it.


The Oscars® ceremony is a unique celebration of the excellence, inspiration and technical genius from which masterpieces are made. Since 2017, Rolex has been the Proud Sponsor of the Oscars® ceremony, held at the Dolby® Theatre in Hollywood. Telecast live in more than 200 territories worldwide, this unique event does more than celebrate cinema: year after year it helps shape the landscape of cinema worldwide.


The Oscars® ceremony represents infinitely more than a recognition by one’s peers. It celebrates inspiration and emotion as well as the production process, the technical expertise and all else that goes into the making of a film. To borrow a favourite expression of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, it is an ode to “a work done handsomely”. Cinema is at once an art, a science and an industry, and the Oscars® ceremony shines a light on every one of its facets.


Rolex is the official host of the Greenroom, the antechamber of the Oscars®. Nominees and presenters gather inside this lounge before and after stepping onto the stage at the Oscars® ceremony, some returning with a coveted statuette.

Each year, Rolex develops a unique immersive experience and a new decor for the Greenroom. In 2023, the Greenroom captures the ambience of a tropical forest. More than a celebration of nature, Rolex is paying homage to explorers and scientists who take action on the ground, day after day, to protect the planet. A way to poetically express its commitment to the preservation of our ecosystems as part of its Perpetual Planet Initiative. 

For almost a century, Rolex has accompanied those who explore our world, seek to understand its environmental challenges and put forward solutions to overcome them. Launched in 2019, the Perpetual Planet Initiative reflects this approach and is built on three founding pillars: two long-standing partners, Mission Blue and the National Geographic Society, and the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Since then, the Initiative has continued to grow and today includes more than 20 partners.