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Singaporeans are among Asia's top 10 biggest spenders on holidays

When it comes to shopping, it's hard to beat us.

Is our national pastime shopping or eating? Well, officially its eating but ask around and many think that should be changed to shopping, with this notion being seconded by British website, Merchant Machine, and their latest study.

Using the 2023 UN Tourism Data, the Merchant Machine analysts poured through the data of how much the typical holidaymaker across all 94 countries spends whilst on an international holiday. For this, they looked at the total outbound spend for each country and divided it by the total amount of departures. 

When it came to Asia, holidaymakers from Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand were named among 10 biggest spenders in Asia while travelling abroad. Topping the list were South Koreans, who, according to the report, spend $3,040 when they go on holiday abroad, more than any other people in Asia. Singaporeans ranked second with an average spending of $2,966, followed by Taiwanese at $2,096.  Indonesians came fourth in the region with a spend of $1,861 per trip and Thailand ranked ninth as tourists from that country spend $1,183 per trip.