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The best at home gym apps

From sculpting and toning to all-out cardio, here are the best ways to stay fit and healthy, at home


Fit Body App

If you consider yourself somewhat of a fitness freak, you will probably have heard of Anna Victoria and her Fit Body App already. But for those who don’t know, here’s a brief intro. One of the leading Instagram fitness gurus, Victoria’s app has somewhat of a cult following, mainly due to her variations in workouts. There’s tone which focuses on strength and cardio, Shred which is a high-intensity body-weight only exercise programme and Sculpt which is geared around working on your strength.

So you don’t feel alone in your fitness journey there’s also a members-only Facebook page with newsletters so you can join the legions of others and share meal plans etc.


Fit Body App is $170 a year available via itunes



Why is this app called seven you ask? Well the answer couldn’t be simpler: the workouts take seven minutes each. But before you start getting all cocky about how easy they must be, stop; these could be some of the longest seven minutes of your life. Each workout is customizable to your fitness goals and is designed to get you to reach it in the shortest time possible. In other words, prepare for sweat and pain.


Seven is free via itunes



Gold’s Amp Fitness and Training

When you think of gym’s, you can’t help but think of the one that started them off: Gold’s. Getting into the game with their own app, this little beauty has over 600 indoor and outdoor workouts ranging from bodyweight strength routines, core workouts, stretching, running coaching and even meditation. What’s more, there’s even a DJ-curated playlist for each and every workout. Sounds golden to us.


The Gold’s app is free via itunes



All Out Studio

Workouts are like moods really. Some days you wake up and just want to do yoga in bed and others you want a class that will make your muscles burn until they cry, and for each of these, there is All Out Studio. With over 100 on-demand videos from certified trainers, you can choose from yoga, strength, dance cardio or stretching and from 10 to 60 minutes – just as your mood takes you.


All Out Studio is $140 a year via itunes


Fitbit Coach

There is literally no escaping this app as it collects data from your wearable devise (like the Fitbit) and analyses it to create a workout based on your lifestyle and habits. Once connected, the app audio coaches you through each of the workouts which can be anywhere from six to 60 minutes and literally coaches you along the way, giving tips on form and handing out encouragement along the way.


Fitbit Coach is free via itunes




If you are looking to overhaul your entire lifestyle then this is the app for you. All you need to do is enter your weight, your weight goals, your workout schedule and fitness goals and certain fitness criteria like how many push ups you can do in a row, and 8fit will create workout routines for you. The app also reminds you when you are slacking and encourages you to get moving more.


8fit is $90 a year via itunes




From Instagram star Kayla Itsines comes one of the most popular fitness apps out there, SWEAT. With a variety of workouts and workout plans, how involved you get depends on you, and your wallet. Want to simply workout? Then just do the daily workout plans. Want more of a community feel? Then upgrade your package and share your progress and pictures and get access to meal plans, tips and likeminded people in your area.


SWEAT is available for purchase via itunes.



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