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The Best Binge-Worthy K-Dramas of 2023

Move over Squid Games, there's some binge-worthy TV coming our way this year.


Scoring an epic 8.9 on IMBD, Oasis is the story of love, life and ultimately, rivalry. Set in the 1980s and 90s, amid political uncertainty, Oasis tells the story of childhood friends Lee Du-hak (Jang) and Choi Cheol-woong (Choo) who soon become rivals for a transfer student by the name of Oh Jung-shin (Seol). This clever drama explores the deep depth of feelings, economic uncertainties and social situations - well worth a watch. 

My Perfect Stranger

My Perfect Stranger is a clever romance drama with a slight sci-fi twist. Following the lives of Yoon Hae-joon (Kim Dong-wook) and Baek Yoon-young (Jin Ki-joo) as they travel back to 1987, they attempt to hunt down a serial killer, all while Baek is working her own personal agenda of trying to prevent her parents from meeting. 

Delivery Man 

This might be the year of serial killer dramas as the premise of Delivery Man focuses on the topic, albeit in a more comical and romantic way than other dramas. The story follows a young taxi driver, Seo Young-min (Yoon) who has the ability to see ghosts and finds himself fulfil their very last wish. Being a romantic comedy, he soon finds Kang Ji-hyun (Bang) in the back of his taxi whose last wish is to find her killer.  

Paper Moon

This is one of my personal favourite dramas of the year and is inspired by the 2012 eponymous Japanese novel. A romance slash thriller slash crime series, it follows housewife turned bank assistant, Yoo Yi-hwa, as she starts veering off the straight and narrow and embezzling funds from various VIP accounts. Nail biting stuff. 

Our Blooming Youth

Somewhat of Korea's version of a period drama, Our Blooming Youth follows a young aristocrat who is accused of murdering her own family. As if this wasn't enough, she soon comes into contact with Crown Prince Lee Hwan who is offers to help her if she helps him out of his strange curse. Easy watching with a side of intrigue.