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The best documentaries to watch now

If Tiger King has left you hungry for a dose of real-life grit, here’s watch to switch on


Let’s face it, none of us are leaving our homes right now, giving us plenty of time to binge watch anything and everything quite frankly. So, if you are missing the outside world and want a dose of reality, here are the best documentaries streaming now.




If you haven’t seen this yet then, quite frankly, where have you been? An in-depth look at one of this century’s most embarrassing celebrity scams, the documentary follows the early plans to the terrible aftermath.


Crip Camp

Heartwarming and uplifting, this documentary looks at life inside a Summer Camp for disabled children in the 1970s.


LA 92

In April and May of 1992, riots broke out in Los Angeles, the likes the US had never seen before. With four police officers acquitted of killing activist Rodney King, the film uses real-life footage to break down how and why, the riots happened.


Tiger King

That b**ch Carole Baskin has got to be one of the most iconic phrases of 2020 and if you don’t know why, you’ve got to watch the weirdly addictive Tiger King.


Theater of Life

Three Michelin starred chef, Massimo Bottura is doing something wonderfully refreshing in this new documentary; he is using his talents for great use. Using food left over from shops and restaurants, he creates a soup kitchen for the poor and needy.



Did you know there are just 880 mountain gorillas left in the world? Which is why this documentary makes such powerful watching. It follows the brave park rangers who keep the mountain gorillas safe in the Virunga National Park amidst the raging civil war, threat of poaching and oil exploration in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Woodstock: Three days that defined a generation

This magical documentary takes you behind the scenes at one of culture’s most iconic events. From setup to breakdown, you can relive the magic thanks to never seen before footage.


Miles Davis: Birth of Cool

Miles Davis is the King of Jazz so for anyone with an interest, this real-life footage taken in Davis’ heyday makes gripping watching.

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