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The Best Home Massages

Pampering in the comfort of your own home - what could be better than that? 


Thanks to the move into Phase two, so many more health and beauty outlets are open to us and while we can visit our favourite massage outlet, the Circuit Breaker has left us feeling more hermit like than normal. So, what does one do when one needs some TLC but doesn't want to leave the house? Call the experts over and get pampered to perfection in the comfort of your very own home.

Aleyda Mobile Spa

They are top of this list because they are top of our list.  Aleyda have over 10 years worth of happy customers thanks mainly to the fact that each and every one of their practitioners is trained by their award-winning master trainer and focus on musculoskeletal health, posture health and relaxation. Aleyda offer oil and non-oil massage options as well as pre and post natal massages and the fabulously trained army of therapists are guaranteed to get out every knot and twist and have you back on your feet in no time. 

Soul House

There must be an awful lot of relaxed people in Singapore because Soul House have massaged a whopping 60,000 people. With that many happy customers, Soul House has been finding Singapore's zen since 2011 and offer either relaxation massage, remedial massage or foot reflexology. 

The Outcall Spa

Over at The Outcall Spa, there's pre and post natal massages, de-stress massages, Swedish massages, deep tissue, Tui Na and even couples massages all available from one of Singapore's largest at-home massage services. 


One of our favourite spa locations now has an at-home service and it's every bit as good. There's body massages, foot reflexology, couples massages, deep-tissue and even post natal meaning everyone is a winner here.