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The Best Personal Trainers To Follow On Instagram

As we enter yet another Circuit Breaker, here are the guys and gals to follow on Instagram to avoid those lockdown kg's. 


There was an interesting article posted in the New York Times recently which posed the question of whether thanks to the Corona virus, celebrity-worship culture was finally waning. It explored the thought that thanks to the months long global lock-down, people were looking elsewhere for their inspiration and seeking deeper connections when it came to content and personal worth.

One of the interesting observations it made was on the rise of at home personal training and the subsequent sharp rise on the domination of a new wave of ‘cult’ fitness personas.

So, if you are looking for a bit more depth to your Instagram feed and want to starve off those Corona pounds at the same time, here are the best personal trainers to follow.


Megan Roup

She’s happy, she’s chirpy and she’s full of energy and her workouts are too. Founder of The Sculpt Society which boasts an army of lithe celeb fans, Megan brings her infectious energy to Instagram which show you her cult exercises to get you ship shape in no time.

Natacha Oceane

If you like your fitness with a side of science, then Natacha is your girl. With a masters in Biophysics, she approaches getting fit and burning fat like it’s a science paper. She’s also great to follow for diet tips.

Ashley Galvin

If you have done her workouts on Alo Moves, you know this woman means business. Known for her yoga with a side of core burn, she posts everything from quick booty reps, arm burns to cute pics of her kiddies.

The Hollywood Trainer Club

If you haven’t done one of Jeanette Jenkins workout’s, then quite frankly, you haven’t really felt your body tremble. She’s all about making the most of what you have and making those muscles work to give you the most effective workout possible. From 10 day ab challenges to a week of arms, if you are serious about your fitness then she’s one to follow.

Danielle Peazer Method

Her tagline is ‘Some days we sweat, some days we burn, but everyday we make a difference’ and she sure does. Best known for her full body transformations, Peazer combines Barre with pilates and yoga to challenge and inspire you.

Marnie Alton

Drew Barrymore credits her with transforming her post-baby body and after taking a look at her workouts, it’s not hard to see why. The founder of M Body, she gets you sculpting, sweating and smiling your way to a leaner, lither body.

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