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The Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore 2021

Who earns what. Read it and weep.

Don't get me wrong - I love my job in media, it's just when wealth calculators like the MOM salary guide and Robert Walters Salary Survey Guide come out, I just wonder if I should have worked a wee bit harder in school and pushed myself towards one of those top tier jobs. But hey ho. So, if you're thinking of a change in career, starting out a career, or just fancy a bit of a nose, here's what pays what in which industry, on an average basis.



Yup, we hear you, snore. But those nerds aren't just good at excel spreadsheets, they're also good at raking in the cash with a senior accountant earning on average $280,000 a year for a CFO role down to around $120,000 for a more junior Manager role.


Banking and Finance

Whatever your thoughts on the banking bunch, there's a reason so many people want to join them; for the big bucks. A lifetime of stress, long hours and riding financial and global storms will earn you on average $500,000 for an MD role in Private Equity or Investment Banking down to on average $120,000 for an Associate Director role.


Human Resources

The HR department have to do everything from hiring, firing, sorting out petty squabbles to organising the Christmas party and given all that, they aren't paid the most to be honest. A top of the ladder job in HR will get you about $150,000 where a Head of Talent will earn you around $100,000.



Oh, if I had my time again I would have actually listened in computer class instead of using it as an excuse of doing my homework for the lessons I had next. I would have learnt to code, to programme and basically, to warn around $300,000 as a head of IT as it becomes one of the fastest growing industries of the year.



Considering how much the marketing space and field has grown over the past decade, it seems there's still a steady stream of people not entirely sure what it actually means. Well, the last laugh is with the marketeers though as a Head of Marketing can earn you around $250,000 a year, a Senior Director around $200,000 and a Marketing Manager $120,000.



If there is anyone who earns every single dollar and cent of their paycheck it's a doctor, especially during this global pandemic. Luckily for them, all those years of hard work at medical school pay off with a GP earning on average $110,00 per year and a more specialised plastic surgeon getting a whopping $400,000 a year. Phew.



Love them or hate them, we can't live without a lawyer and thanks to all their time spent with their heads in books and research papers, they need not really worry what you think as they earn around $160,000 per year, with that figure going up steadily depending on experience and area of expertise. 















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