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The Most Expensive Face Masks You Can Buy

If your reusable cotton number just won’t do the trick, here are some uber options for you.


We knew it wouldn’t take long for big name brands to get in on the face mask act. After all, this protective facial covering looks set to be a necessity for quite some time so why not make it fashion. So, if you are looking to splurge, here are some fashionably fancy options.

Off White

Coming in at just under $200, are Off White’s cotton face masks. They’re available in either plain cotton or with built in air filter and in several designs and despite only being available so far for a few weeks, they have already become the most searched for fashion style so far.


Streetwear supremo, Supreme, have one of the most sought after face masks during this pandemic. Originally selling their neoprene offerings for just over $120, demand has seen their logo beauties go for over $500 on re-sale sites.


If you can get hold of one of Bathing Apes face masks then count yourself lucky. Bold, bright and a bit brash, they can go for anything from $150 to $400.

Maison Modulare

While we know that $100 is a lot for a face mask, this one doesn’t sting quite so much given the fact that one, it’s a whole face shield and two, it’s really rather beautiful.

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