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The Most Expensive Hobbies

Think your weekly pilates class costs a lot? Think again as we reveal which hobbies really are breaking the bank.



Skiing is one of those things that you either love or hate and if you love it, you had better dig deep into that bank account because baby, it 'aint cheap. Firstly, there's the kit which can run from hundreds  to thousands and then theres the ski hire, the boot hire, the lift passes and that's without thinking about chalet rental and flights - phew.



Keen golfers aren't just keen, they're almost obsessed with the sport which is good to know they love it because it's a serious investment. Golf clubs are each hundreds of dollars and joining a golf club can run into tens of thousands.



Think video games are just for kids? Well not at these prices they're not. Firstly you have the unit costs which can run from $400-$700 and then there's the extras which start at around $60 for a new console. Then there's the games which all cost around $100 and the likes of online services which can run from $20 to $60 a month.



Given how little spare space we have around here, it is no surprise why riding makes the list. Of course you have all the cost of the kit, and then there's the lessons which start at around $200. Want to own a horse? Well, then we are talking serious money with livery charges, feed, exercise etc all running into the tens of thousands. 


Scuba Diving

Who wouldn't to push the world away for a couple of hours  and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the ocean? Well, you will pay a pretty price for it. Let's start with the courses you have to go on before you can scuba dive which for the online general knowledge course runs at around $200, then there's the pool diving lessons which are around $300 and then you have your open water course which is around $500. Once passed, you have to rent the tank, flippers and wetsuit and pay for the dive each time which will cost you around $200- $300 a pop. 



Gone are the days when your parents bought you a pretty bike, you popped on a helmet, a bell and off you went, no, these days biking is serious  stuff. There's mountain biking, road biking, single track biking, all of  which require a specific kind of bike and all of which can run up to around $15,000. There's also the matter of helmets which are a couple of hundred dollars and riding gear to keep you comfortable as you peddle away. 






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