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What Fitness Trends Are On Their Way Up Or Out In 2023?

As part of their newly released annual Fitness Report, PureGym has once again revealed the workout trends set to take 2023 by storm, and it looks like the viral 12-3-30 workout will be leading the way for this year’s fitness devotees.

By analysing the current number of monthly Google searches for over 120 different fitness trends versus the same period one year ago, PureGym has detailed which have seen the biggest spikes in interest as we approach 2023.

The 12-3-30 workout takes the top spot as the fitness trend that has seen the biggest rise in searches as we reach the end of 2022, with a huge 309% spike in interest year-on-year.The 12-3-30 workout is pretty straightforward: You set a treadmill to a 12-percent incline and 3.0 speed and walk for 30 minutes.

With a grand 173.21% increase in interest, Crossfit ranked as the second fastest-growing fitness trend, thanks to a recent resurgence in popularity.

A style of high-intensity functional training that has gained a cult following since its inception in California in 2000, Crossfit concentrates on 10 key physical traits; from stamina and strength, to agility and balance. Crossfit also uses a group training setting that has created a community of like-minded exercise enthusiasts across the world.

The top 20 includes some more... niche workout trends, like twerking classes and Everesting – a trend in which cyclists and runners shape their workouts so that they ascend and descend in equal amounts until they’ve ‘climbed’ the distance of the world’s tallest mountain. More traditional practices have also seen a return to form, with pilates up by 83.60% and yoga up by 49.72%.

The 20 Fitness Trends With The Highest Growth In Interest For 2023:

1. 12-3-30 workouts      +308.78%
2. Crossfit +173.21%
3. Twerking class +125%
4. 75 soft  +124.24%
5. Hyrox  +123.75%
6. Jazzercise  +122.22%
7. Stroller fitness  +88.23%
8. Pilates  +83.60%
9. Incline walk  +83.33%
10. Everesting  +83.33%
11. Floating yoga  +60%
12. Indoor surfing  +50%
13. Hiking  +50%
14. Yoga  +49.72%
15. Rock climbing  +49.63%
16. Callisthenics  +49.63%
17. F45  +49.59%
18. Zuu  +49.58%
19. Breathwork  +49.44%
20.   Outdoor fitness  +49.38%

For every new trend that comes in, an old one must go. The world of virtual fitness continues to lose mainstream interest as we move further away from the pandemic, with virtual fitness challenges, outdoor personal trainers, and virtual fitness classes all seeing the biggest falls in interest.

The 10 Fitness Trends On Their Way Out For 2023: 

1. Virtual fitness challenges  -45.76%
2. Outdoor personal trainers       -45.45%
3. Skipping workouts  -45.45%
4. Virtual fitness classes  -45.45%
5. Free weight training  -45%
6. 100-rep challenge  -34.61%
7. Active video games  -33.33%
8. Online fitness      -33.33%
9. Virtual training  -33.33%
10.   Workout challenges  -33.33%

“This is the second year we’ve explored fitness trends and it’s been interesting to see how they change over time and what influences them." says Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym.

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