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What Is Tiktok And Who To Follow

From actresses to models, here’s who to follow on social media’s latest trend.


There’s many things that are developing out of this period of varied self-isolation. There’s a greater sense of community globally, a huge focus on home workouts and not surprisingly, a new social media trend. What started out as something, quite frankly, just for the kids, now has pretty much everyone getting in on the act. So, unless you’ve been living under a rock (which sounds pretty uncomfortable) you will know about tiktok.

What is it?

To put it simply, it’s a social media app that allows you to watch, create and share videos right from your phone. You can either lip-synch to music hits or sound bites. It’s silly and addictive in equal parts.

Right, so now we know what it is, here is who to follow.

Loren Gray

She’s an actress, singer and social media star. If you haven’t heard of her you soon will as she’s got over 40 million followers on tiktok.

Rebeca Zamlo

With over 12 million followers, Zamlo is pretty much tiktok royalty. So what does she do? Well, as a former gymnast she shows off her moves and also produces funny videos with her husband where they play fight.

Alex Rodriguez and JLo

They’re so in love that they share a tiktok handle. Another thing that they share are their dances to Drake that quickly go viral.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily is possibly one of the most important people to follow right now. Why? Well because she’s seemingly constantly in crop tops flashing her uber toned torso which is making us get off our butts and switch on some work out videos.

Tommy Dorfman

While he doesn’t always feature in his videos, he’s pretty darn good at getting his very famous friends to compete in challenges and dance offs.

Mariah Carey

We can all do with a bit of cheering up right now and that’s exactly what Ms Carey is doing. She keeps us entertained with her videos of daily chores, singing and dancing as she goes. Bravo, Mariah.


We all know that she’s the internet’s favourite person, and now she’s tiktok’s favourite person. With over seven Million followers, her lipsynching, dancing and even cooking, have made her a firm favourite on this new platform.

Britney Spears

Put down that pudding and switch over to Britney’s tiktok page. She shares her workouts, dance routines and flashes her enviable abs which should be enough inspiration to get your Summer body ready (whenever the Coronavirus allows us to venture out, that is.)

Benjamin Kheng

Singapore’s own Benjamin Kheng is definitely worth a follow on Tiktok. Using his time during the Circuit Breaker to brush up on his range of accents and hone his singing skills, he’s also pretty easy on the eye too.

Jessica Alba

While it might be easy to get distracted wondering if Jessica Alba ever actually ages, her tiktok feed is worth a follow. She’s an ace at those viral dance moves and does some pretty good make-up lessons too, using her Honest Beauty brand, of course.


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