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What's Your Circuit Breaker Persona?

Are you a Facetime Fashionista or a Worried William?


As we enter our second month of the Circuit Breaker we are all learning to cope with our new reality pretty well. On top of this, we are learning to cope with infinite hours with our nearest and dearest and, spending more alone time than ever before. As this time brings plenty of self-reflection, it helps us learn more about ourselves and who we are when disaster strikes.

But this isn't just a sweet little exercise, researchers at Kings College London have worked out that people fall into several various categories in a crisis which can be further broken down for the social confines of 2020. So, which person have you become? 


Handphone Heartthrobs 

While for most of us, brushing our hair before our various Zoom calls begin is enough, there's a whole tribe out there turning their screentime into a silver screen. From blow outs and lipsticks to curated video backgrounds (think framed certificates and stylish houseplants) to going so far as considered lighting. On that, you can read Tom Ford's guide to how to look good on Zoom, right here


Excited Exercisers

We all know the type, their Instagram stories are full of 10K runs, 1000 sit up challenges and various images of them looking fabulous in lycra. Good for them living their best Circuit Breaker life but honestly, yawn, keep it to yourself. 


Happy Hour Hosts

Just because we can't physically have happy hour, doesn't stop these happy hour hosts from scheduling various 'fun' cocktails over Zoom dozens of times a week. Whether they're determined to keep up their social status while we are all behind locked doors or they just live for being sociable, it's best to keep the Quarantini Queens happy before all your invites dry up. 


Debbie Downers

Look, no-one knows what on earth is going on with, well, the earth, but in a flipping sea of unwanted news, it's best to just try and stay positive right now. Right? Well, wrong say the Debbie Downers of the Circuit Breaker. Got a bit of good news? They will burst it for you. Feeling relieved after the news of the restrictions lightening? Don't tell them, they will tell you all the negatives and don't get me started on all the conspiracy theories they have cooked up in their miserable little bubble. 


Neighbourhood Watch

Good God, this lot really needs to give it a rest. From taking to social media (yes Facebook complainers we are talking about you) to boast and moan in equal measure about how they are sticking to the rules but their neighbours aren't to actually calling the hotlines to report that their neighbour was out a suspiciously long time yesterday, these people are all about making sure this pandemic is as painful as possible. 


The Hermits

What do you want to do once the global restrictions lift? What, stay at home in your bunker forever? While we aren't belittling for one second that this is an unprecedentedly frightening and scary time, it seems to be turning a certain section of society into disaster style survivors, determined to hunker down until every disease on earth is cured, i:e forever. 









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