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Where to buy stylish activewear

Activewear, activewear, everybody wears activewear

It’s been a movement for so long there’s even a parody song about it by Skit Box. If you haven’t heard it, it goes a little something like this: “Activewear, activewear, going for coffee in my activewear, going to buy groceries in my activewear, going shopping in my activewear” and so on and so on, so you get the picture. So whether it’s to prance around town in or to actually work out in, we have rounded up the most stylish places to find that essential activewear.


Alo Yoga

Over at Alo Yoga you can buy it, wear it and sweat it out. What do we mean? Well, quite simply, if you are looking to get fit at home, they have some of the best online classes for yoga, stretching and simple barre. Looking for activewear? You really can’t beat their range of clothing and accessories for both men and women.


Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty was one of the very first on the training/ activewear front and they are still one of the best. Shipping from the UK, while they are not cheap, their range of leggings, tanks and bras are functional and fantastic and will last you for years to come.



Anyone with a penchant for a bold pattern, bright print or out there tone will love what’s on offer at Onzie. We love their best-selling giraffe print matching bra and leggings to get us through a barre sweat sesh in fantastically fashionable form.  


Base Athletica

When it comes to activewear, our first stop is always here. One of the first to bring the likes of PE Nation, Nimble and Running Barre to our shores, we love their selection of wearable staples with a fun, fashionable twist.


Stronger is a workout label for women, by women. Created in 2013, they say their aim is to “Inspire as may women as possible to live a healthier lifestyle by setting trends rather than following them.”  We love their fashionable yet everyday looks and great customer service.


Enavant Active

Over at Enavant Active, they claim their mission is to provide a seamless transition from work to work-outs with their design-focused performance wear. And, as if this wasn’t good enough, their materials are also odour-proof with UV protection.


Carbon 38

Want to get your hands on the likes of brands including Spiritual Gangster, Beach Riot and Year of Ours all under one roof? Then head on over to Carbon 38 who have a wide range of must-have activewear labels and some pretty snazzy pieces from their own range too.


Outdoor Voices

We are obsessed with Outdoor Voices’ Sweatee Tank Top thanks to the fact it’s made from sweat-licking fabric and softer than soft cotton, it’s just like the rest of their collection: performance focused, soft and ultra-wearable. If you haven’t already found this amazing brand, run, yoga or barre your way over.



Want all your activewear under one roof? Then it’s got to be luxury giant net-a-porter with their vast range of ski, yoga, running and just about any other sport you can think of offering.



No activewear round-up would be complete without a mention of Lululemon. They have everything you could possibly need, have easy shipping, use the finest sweat-proof fabrics and are, quite frankly, fabulous.

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