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Where To Get Botox In Singapore

Where to get that all-important dose of youthfulness in Singapore.



SW1 Clinic

When it comes to their approach to light cosmetic surgery, SW1 Clinic, located in Paragon Medical Centre, are trying to change the way we view trips to the aesthetician. With dimmed mood lighting and plush velvet sofas and chairs, the clinic is more chic bar than doctors office, but don't be fooled, this bunch of savvy practitioners are some of the best in their field. 

Formerly of The Sloane Clinic, Dr Kenneth Lee and his wife Dr Low Chai Ling founded SW1 Clinic in 2017 with the aim to bring a global wellness village to Singapore. The stylish centre has two operating theatres and 23 treatment rooms and offers treatments including fillers, botox, Thermage, Fraxel and Ultherapy. Speaking of their unique centre, Dr Low said: "At SW1, we have built an environment that prioritises the patients’ interests and furthering of knowledge. With this open door concept, patients do not just get one doctor at SW1 — they can tap on the collective expertise and experience of all our doctors, specialists and experts working collaboratively to achieve their long term beauty and wellness goals.” 


Dr Yvonne Goh

Ask a dozen well healed women where they go for their botox and chances are more than half will say they go to Dr Yvonne Goh. Known for her sensible and soft touch, Goh's aim isn't to change the face, it's simply to enhance what you have. She uses a less is more concept with her botox and advises to go for smaller amounts to see how your face settles, before going back for top-ups if you so wish. 


The Belle Clinic

The Belle Clinic works on a three tier programme. First they have the face clinic for all your botox and filler etc, then there's the body clinic that works on getting you in the best shape of your life and finally there's the skin lab best suited for the occasional facial or dealing with a breakout etc. But as we are talking about botox, we will focus on the face clinic and over at The Belle Clinic, they firmly believe that the likes of botox and filler are not a 'one solution fits all' type of situation and tailor each treatment carefully to the persons lifestyle, needs, wants, experience and age.   


IYAC Aesthetic Clinic

Yet another clinic that focuses on the whole body and not just the occasional quick fix, IYAC is known for their superbly professional touch when it comes to the likes of botox. Located in Camden Medical Centre, the centre is also well known for their in-house beauty brand which draws a loyal following. 



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