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Where to get the best coffee in Singapore

Roasted, toasted and blended just how you like it

There is nothing better than a perfect cup of coffee. Creamy, strong or just short and sweet – no matter how you take it, these cafes will give you the perfect cup of joe morning, noon and night.


Plain Vanilla

Now, we can’t step inside a Plain Vanilla without having one of their yummy cakes (the banana bread is a particular favourite) but the real star here is the coffee. Expertly blended and roasted to perfection, it manages to be strong yet subtle and do the job every time.


Maison Marcel

If you are in to your coffee art, then Maison Marcel’s flat whites are for you. We have been wowed by their unicorns, love hearts and most recently sea horses. While the artwork is spectacular, it doesn’t overshadow the superb sweetness of their perfect coffee, time after time.


Strangers Reunion

While we are talking about coffee art, at Strangers Reunion, one of the baristas was a semi-finalist at the World Barista Championship 2018 and another is a three-time Singapore Latte Art champion. Think the awards end there? Not quite, owner Ryan Kieran Tan, has won the Singapore National Barista Championship three times. So, onto the coffee, well they source beans from all around the world and roast them in-house so you can choose from four different brewing methods for that perfect cuppa.



One of the original go-to’s for coffee aficionado’s, Sarnies beans are so popular that they deliver island wide. Calling themselves a ‘micro roastery’ Sarnies note that they constantly keep themselves updated with the very latest happenings in the coffee world so they can keep giving their loyal fans the best cup of Joe in town.


Common Man Coffee Roasters

If there is one thing we like it’s a treat with a feel good factor and that’s exactly what you get here. Practising ‘direct trade’ to give a higher percentage back to the farmers and producers in coffee-growing regions, the beans are sustainably sourced with a percentage of the profits going back to worthy causes. As if all that wasn’t good enough, CMCR also has a CMCR Academy to train their baristas in the art of brewing the beans and working the espresso machine and even roast the beans in-house freshly each morning.



Kenneth Shoji founded Arabica for one simple reason; he says he needs an amazing cup of coffee every day and wants other people to have that too. So, with that in mind, he bought a coffee farm in Hawaii, started trading green beans from around the world and became the sole-exporter of a unique Japanese roasting machine. In 2014, he opened his very first %Arabica in Kyoto Japan and, as the saying goes, from small beginnings come great things as the brand now has 87 branches across the world spanning Singapore, China, France, London and Kuwait.