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Most Googled Recipes During Global Lockdown

It seems the global pandemic and ensuing various lockdowns have turned us all into amateur chefs. With nothing else to do really right now, social media has pretty much turned into the home cooking channel, with the UK even facing a shortage of flour as people turn their spare time into baking time. So, what is everyone cooking up? Here are the top 10 most googled recipes across the world.


1. Banana Bread

When all this is over we might as well just call this period the time of the banana bread. Cheap, fast and easy to make, people across the world have been adapting this time old favourite to suit whatever they have in the fridge and even making it from just bananas, self-raising flour and condensed milk.


2. Pizza Dough

This one surprised us, given that good pizza isn't as easy as it looks but still, it comes in at number two. Global pizza restaurant giant, Pizza Express have even revealed some secrets from their in-house recipes for pizza dough using just flour, sugar, yeast and water. They say that the sugar and yeast should be sifted into a bowl of warm water and left to stand for 15 minutes in a warm place, until a layer of froth develops on the surface. Flour should be added to a separate bowl. Once the froth has formed on the yeast and sugar mixture, it should be poured into the flour the flour along with a dash of olive oil. The mixture should be cupped together using lightly floured hands until firmly bound, then rolled and kneaded for 10 minutes until soft and smooth.


3. Chocolate Cakes

Let's face it, there's not many ways we can treat ourselves at the moment so tucking in to a nice, sweet treat is quite the comfort. Google searches reveal we are looking for everything from the harder chocolate souffles and mousses to good old-fashioned sponge cakes and cupcakes. 


4. Dalgona Coffee

If you have an Instagram account, you will know what this one is. Rising to fame after Korean actor Jung Il-woo shared his recipe on Instagram, BBC Food has now dubbed it the internets new favourite drink. So what is it? Well, it's not one for dieters that's for sure. It's packed full of full cream milk, coffee and two tablespoons (yes tablespoons) of white sugar, this sweet treat has a whopping 36 grams of sugar, 40 grams of carbohydrates and 252 calories per drink. Putting it in relative terms, that's more than a Mars bar - ouch. 


5. Chicken Breasts

So from the sickly sweet to the simple; coming in at number five is plain old chicken breasts. Found easily and simple to cook, people have been googling recipes for fried chicken, chicken stir-fries, curries and even DIY KFC recipes for those wanting their fast-food at home fix. 


6. Carrot Cake

Don't get me wrong, I love carrot cake but what I don't like is how long it takes to make. But given the fact that one thing everyone has on their hands right now is time, it's whizzed up to the top of the most-googled recipe charts. Want a recipe? Well, get out your pens and paper as this recipe is long. There's 250 grams of self-raising flour, two teaspoons of baking sods, 200 grams of white sugar, 200 grams of brown sugar, four eggs, six carrots, salt and vanilla extract. For the frosting you will need 250 grams of cream cheese, 140 grams of icing sugar, heavy whipping cream and pecans. Still keen? Well, good luck to you. 


7. Fried Rice

Not surprisingly fried rice is up there on the google search. The ideal thing to chuck all those left overs into, it's various quick and simple cooking methods have made it a global sensation.


8. Minced Beef

Another one that's easy to use for leftovers, people across the world have been searching for recipes from the humble bolognese to Mexican chilli, pies, tacos and even homemade burgers. 


9. French Toast

Did you know that the French toast hashtag has garnered over 2,800,000 uses since the global lockdown began? Rich, sweet and just the right amount of sickly, people have been googling for recipes including everything from maple syrup, nutella, bananas and bacon. 


10. Hand Sanitiser

One that you can't eat (no matter what Donald Trump says,) at-home hand sanitiser has been one of the most popular google searches since the global pandemic started. With research telling us that the alcohol content has to be more than 70 percent, essential oils and aloe vera are being used to mask the alcohol smell.