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All Our Favourite Watches From The Met Gala 2024

The theme for this year’s Met Gala, The Garden of Time, was certainly a perfect fit for any watch enthusiast.

The Met Gala is perhaps the most hyped event of the year around the globe. It may not have the swag bags that the Oscars and Golden Globes offer, but it’s the status symbol of the celebrity world. You know you’ve made it if you receive an invite from Anna Wintour. The gala is dedicated to raising funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in Manhattan. Tickets are US$75K a pop, and the event raised over US$200 million in 2019, with greater success in successive years.

This year, the theme was The Garden of Time, inspired by a retrospective taking place at the Costume Institute. And while the concept seems clear – celebrating the rich diversity of historic and heritage couture styles and designs by notable designers – there were hits and misses. You’d think for a theme such as this, a timepiece would be relevant, but plenty opted not to wear one. Those that did, however, made great and bold choices. Here are our favourites.

Kieran Culkin’s IWC Portugieser Automatic 40 With Blue Horizon Dial

Being a hit in Succession sure gets Kieran Culkin plenty of benefits; we only just had a glimpse of the new Portugieser Automatic 40 with the brushed and lacquered dial at Watches and Wonders, and he’s already got it matched with his summer-ready floral print suit. It’s a great choice; the Portugieser represents an important milestone in history, and the new Blue Horizon dial captures the beauty of time at its peak. 

Dwyane Wade’s Santos Is Timeless Style

Everybody’s favourite square-cased watch gets plenty of red carpet glory at the Met Gala. Wade was not the only gent to wear Cartier, and neither was he the only person to strap on a Santos. What we do like is how he channelled the man the watch was named for – Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was a debonair and never one to stick to the rules. A no-lapel jacket in lavender with pearl buttons? That’s confidence in his style and deserving of respect.

Barry Keoghan Has The Most Omegas

Like the great magicians that he seemed to be styling himself after, Barry Keoghan had not one, not two, but three Omegas on him throughout the night. One was a pocket watch, while he was double-wristed with two gold watches, a De Ville Prestige and Seamaster Aqua Terra in Sedna Gold with gem-set bezels. To be fair, we’ve seen him with crazier ideas than wearing a couple of additional timekeepers. One does wonder if they all kept the same time that evening or not.

 Brooklyn Beckham Got Himself A Piaget Polo 79

Even if you’re not a top celeb, things move for you if your dad happens to be a major soccer star with a penchant for expensive timepieces. Brooklyn Beckham was at the Met Gala this year sporting one of the most in-demand sports luxe models of the year. The gadroons that are fitted to the grooved case, dial and bracelet of the Piaget Polo 79 are instantly recognisable. We’re glad that, like us, Beckham recognises a star and has chosen not to pull focus from the watch, dressed in an all-white look that’s a modern take on white tie, perhaps.

 Colman Domingo Shows Edna Mode That Capes Are Cool

The suave Euphoria star shared that his look for the Met Gala was an homage to the late Chadwick Boseman as well as former Vogue fashion expert André Leon Talley. Talley was known for his love of capes, and Boseman wore to the 2018 Met Gala a white Versace suit with broad structured shoulders, which Domingo echoed with his look. But he made it his own with a generous dose of gentleman bling, including an IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar 44,  a watch that’s as iconic as the personalities he was honouring.

Taika Waititi Dresses Up, While Rita Ora Dresses Down

It’s hard to decide which is more of a distraction: the sheer volume of gemstones on Taika Waititi or his partner Rita Ora’s beaded dress that suggested they ran out of supplies and had to be creative in finishing the outfit. On his wrist was a fully gem-set tourbillon model from Jacob & Co. – The Royal Tourbillon, or Brilliant Flying Tourbillon (they call a spade a spade, and that’s OK) – with baguette-cut diamonds in an invisible setting. And when we say fully gem-set, we mean it – even the baseplate is set with brilliant-cut diamonds in a snow setting. And on the dial, a flying tourbillon shows the passing of time on a field of precious stones that took millennia to form. Apt for the evening.

 Steven Yeun Embraces The Jewellery-As-Watch Trend  

Leave it to a Korean-origin actor to lead the way in embracing high-jewellery watchmaking of a different sort. Many men, particularly male celebrities, are still conscientious about the masculine image they portray. While they may wear gem-set watches or jewellery, it’s rare to see them wear a watch that’s centred around jewellery. But that’s what Yeun picked for the Met Gala – the Cartier Clash [Un]limited. The expressive and creative high-jewellery watch combines the expertise of Cartier’s jewellery know-how with youthful creativity and playfulness, creating a bangle watch that’s fun to wear and fun to experience. That’s a statement on fashion’s evolution today, bringing the gala’s theme from past to present. Bravo.

 Tyla Has Time On Her Hands

“Like sand through an hourglass, those are the days of our lives...” That seems to be the sentiment that Tyla brought to the Met Gala, with her fragile papier dress that captured how time can erode our history simply by passing and letting nature take its course. The hourglass she held was poignant, showing how easily time slips by us. It was a little heavy, but she certainly nailed the theme. No notes.

 Jonathan Bailey Has A Spring Awakening

The award-winning English actor and thespian stayed away from his character’s more formal looks in Bridgerton and kept things quietly elegant in a monochromatic look to match the hints of white at the edges of his loose locks. The one pop of colour is his bow tie, custom-designed by fellow Brit Jonathan Anderson of Loewe. To match his outfit, the friend of Omega called on the brand and selected a black tie-worthy De Ville Trésor in 40mm stainless steel with a black alligator leather strap and a single row of diamonds on the bezel. Sharp choice.

 Omar Apollo Has A Major Crash

The Cartier Crash is probably the most unique in terms of its design in the history of fine and high watchmaking. Its irregular form houses an object that’s purposed to measure and show time in precise regularity – a contradiction that makes this watch even more enigmatic. It’s no wonder that artists are often drawn to this Dali-esque timepiece, and Omar Apollo is no different. The musician donned a custom-made Loewe look and paired it with a vintage limited-edition Cartier Crash in white gold and set with diamonds on the bezel and teardrop-link bracelet dating back to 2013.

 Chris Hemsworth Wants To Protect The Alpines

What watch is worthy of being strapped to the wrist of a Norse god? It turns out that the Alpine Eagle has landed on Chris Hemsworth’s arm, and it’s definitely a good look. The Australian actor attended the event with his wife, Elsa Pataky, casually dressed in an eggshell Tom Ford suit that paired well with the rose gold Chpord Alpine Eagle 41 with a row of diamonds on the bezel. The collection, a revival of the St. Moritz by three generations of the Scheufele family, supports the Alpine Eagle Foundation and is also a responsible luxury product with full traceability behind it. We definitely approve of his sustainability-friendly choices.

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