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Apple's iPhone 8 Launches Today In Singapore

If you have driven down Orchard Road this morning, you can't have missed the hordes of people outside the brand new Apple store. What's in all in aid of? The new iPhone 8 of course, which launches in Singapore today. So what can you expect from the tech genius' latest release? We take an in-depth look now. 

The wait for the new iPhone 8 is finally over with Singapore's flagship Apple store opening its doors at 8am this morning. News outlets estimate that by 730am there were some 400 people in the queue, with Apple saying that people who had pre-ordered their smartphones would be allowed in earlier, ahead of the queue.

So what's all the fuss about? Well, the iPhone 8 is not just Apple's latest offering, it has also been billed as subsequently more appealing than the soon-to-launch Apple iPhone X due to its much lower price. But it's not just the price that sets this smartphone apart, the new iPhone 8 is also said to have a longer battery life which will no doubt be appealing to many a user, as well as coming in a greater variety of colours. 

The iPhone 8 retails at $1,148 for the 64GB version, $1,308 for the 64GB iPhone Plus version and $1,548 for the 258GB iPhone Plus.