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Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Names Its Best Female Chef 2021

The results are in


At this time of year, every year, the top female chefs from around the world start to get nervous with anticipation, hoping that this is their year to win the coveted Asia’s Best Female Chef award. Well, this year, that honour went to DeAille Tam.

Executive Chef and Co-founder of Obscura in Shanghai, Tam was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada but the culinary world wasn’t always her number one passion. Having initially studied engineering, she then discovered her gastronomic passion which led her and her husband to create Obscura restaurant which is dedicated to celebrate China’s culinary heritage.

Obscura restaurant came after a year off for Tam and her husband, Simon Wong, as they spent 2019 travelling around China to get inspiration for their latest menu which they describe as ‘innovative modern Chinese cuisine to express the classic flavours of Chinese dining with equal measures of respect and innovation with Chinese culture and Western techniques.’ Through her cooking, her background in engineering is hugely present thanks to unique presentation and unique twists.  

The pair previously ran Bo Shanghai in Five on the Bund and won a Michelin star for their stunning cooking.