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AstraZeneca Set to build $2 billion manufacturing facility in Singapore

Big news on the Little Red Dot.

There can't be a person out there who, since Covid, hasn't heard of AstraZeneca. One of the first companies to help develop the Covid vaccine, the pharma company is one of the biggest and the best, and, according to new reports, looks set to come to our shores pretty soon. 

According to a new report from the company, their plans are set to start construction of the site by the end of 2024, with completion in 2029.  The company’s new facility in Singapore will be designed for manufacturing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) to enhance the global supply of its ADC portfolio, it said in a statement. ADCs are a form of next-generation treatment that can deliver highly potent cancer-killing agents directly to cancer cells through a targeted antibody. The new facility will mark AstraZeneca’s first end-to-end ADC production site, fully incorporating all steps of the manufacturing process at a commercial scale, the statement said. It noted that manufacturing ADCs is a multi-step process that includes producing the antibodies and synthesising chemotherapy drug and linker, among other steps.

Ms Pam Cheng, AstraZeneca’s executive vice-president of global operations and information technology, said in an interview with The Straits Times that “many meaningful jobs” will be created at the new facility. “In terms of the types of jobs, I think it’s fair to say they will be among the most innovative and technical, given the type of manufacturing processes for ADC,” she said.