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Bali to introduce tourist tax to help tackle plastic waste

Visitors to Bali will be asked to pony up a US $10 levy to help the popular tourist destination preserve the environment and Balinese culture. 


Much of the new revenue will go towards cleaning up the mess left behind from the nearly six million foreign visitors who descend on the island every year, reports The Straits Times.

The biggest source markets are China and Australia.  

The tourist office aims to reduce the amount of marine plastic, garbage and pollution by 70 percent within a year. Last year, Bali banned single-use plastics like shopping bags, Styrofoam and straws as part of its battle against plastic waste. 

According to The Times, 3,800 tons of waste are produced in Bali a day. 

The new revenue stream will also go towards preserving local Balinese culture.

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