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Bentley Motors Joins Forces with everwave to Combat Plastic Pollution in Thailand

Bentley Motors leads sustainable efforts in Thailand

Bentley Motors is taking strides towards sustainability with its recent announcement of support for a major initiative in Thailand. Teaming up with everwave, a foundation partner of the newly-established Bentley Environmental Foundation, Bentley is joining forces to tackle plastic pollution in the region's waterways.

The collaborative effort aims to clean up a significant river in Thailand and establish a robust waste processing infrastructure. Leveraging innovative technology, including AI-equipped refuse-collecting boats and drone surveillance, everwave tracks down and removes tonnes of plastic waste from the Chao Phraya River each month. This waste is then sorted and processed by the TerraCycle Global Foundation, contributing to a cleaner environment and healthier ecosystems.

In addition to cleanup efforts, Bentley and everwave are launching an educational initiative targeting children in Bangkok. Through hands-on activities like canal clean-up exercises and setting up recycling systems at schools, young students will learn about the detrimental effects of plastic waste on the environment. With guidance from local NGOs, such as TerraCycle Global Foundation, these educational programmes aim to cultivate a generation of environmentally-conscious individuals committed to preserving our planet. Clemens Feigl, CEO of everwave, highlighted the potential impact of these initiatives, stating that with continued efforts, the Chao Phraya River could be free of waste within the next decade or two.

The collaboration between Bentley Motors, Audi Environmental Foundation, and Ferry Porsche Foundation underscores a shared commitment to combating plastic pollution and promoting sustainability. Wayne Bruce, Chief Communications and DEI Officer at Bentley Motors, emphasised the importance of such initiatives in Bentley's Beyond100 strategy, which aims to reduce the company's environmental footprint while supporting global sustainability projects.

Through educational outreach and environmental stewardship, Bentley and its partners are working towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, empowering future generations to make a positive impact on their communities and the world. To learn more about the project, visit everwave.