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Can wearing a face mask increase your risk of coronavirus infection?

 Leading Doctor Warns Against Wearing Masks


With the Coronavirus showing no signs of disappearing, information seems to be coming in from all sides in how to defeat this beast. But now, a leading disease control doctor from the University of Iowa's College of Medicine, Dr Dr Eli Perencevich, told Forbes magazine that wearing masks could cause more harm than good,

In the interview, he pointed out that only people feeling unwell should really be wearing masks and even then, wearing them may make people more complacent about their personal hygiene. "If you don't wash your hands before you take off the mask and after you take off your mask, you could increase your risk," said Dr Perencevich. He also warned about the dangers of being lulled into a "false sense of security" from wearing the mask and may lead to people touching their faces more often and more absent-mindedly which can cause more harm than good if they have not washed their hands before touching their face. 

The other, most important point that he made was that surgical masks are intended to keep droplets in, and not keen them out, so wearing a mask might actually be counterintuitive but maintained that those who are sick should wear masks to stop the spread of infection.


His views were echoed by US Surgeon General Jerome Adams who urged people to stop hoarding masks and to enable those who actually need them have access to them. This has also been backed up by Singapore's Ministry of Health who state that only those who are sick should wear masks.