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Chef Andre Chiang to open new eatery in place of Restaurant Andre

In a surprise twist to Restaurant Andre's shuttering, chef Andre Chiang has revealed that although he is closing one of Singapore's most acclaimed dining destinations, a new eatery will be resurrected in its place. 



Buried in a long love letter penned to Singapore on the restaurant's final day, Chiang revealed plans to open an eatery that will serve "a new category of cuisine and concept" at the original location. The fine dining restaurant will open towards the end of this year, as one of three new projects set to expand his growing portfolio. 

"Singapore, this is not goodbye, for I am not leaving. A new beginning is set to open at the original location of Restaurant Andre that will see a brand new and exciting transformation," he wrote. 

When Chiang first revealed plans to shutter his eponymously named restaurant last fall, it was a shock announcement that sent the local food community into mourning. 

Tears were shed at the news. And strangely, they didn't belong to Chiang.  "... I have noticed how the community in Singapore has reacted more emotionally than I have," he wrote.  "I recall on many occasions how I have had to console our diners and guests at the dining table who were brought to tears, whilst sending them out the restaurant or in a taxi." 

Chiang released the love letter fittingly on Valentine's Day, thanking diners and fans who helped catapult the restaurant to international stardom: Restaurant Andre is currently ranked the second-best restaurant in Asia and 14th on the World's Best Restaurants list by the UK-based Restaurant magazine. The restaurant also holds two Michelin stars. The menu is inspired by Southern French nouvelle cuisine and explores texture, terroir and food memories. 

Chiang opened the 30-seat eatery in 2010 (10/10/10 to be exact) and completes his last service on Valentine's Day. The Taiwanese chef is uprooting from Singapore to his native Taiwan, where he said he hopes to lead food education and strengthen the local culinary heritage over the next five to 10 years. 

He will also be turning his focus to his Taipei restaurant RAW and is working on three new projects set to open by the end of the year. 

Chiang's restaurant portfolio includes Burnt Ends, MeatSmith, Bincho in Singapore, Porte 12 in Paris, RAW in Taipei and The Bridge in Chengdu.