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Chef Marco Pierre White rejects Michelin with his latest Singapore restaurant

Chef Marco Pierre White says he has declined Michelin's offer to be included in its restaurant selection for his latest eatery in Singapore.


During an interview with Channel NewsAsia, White revealed that Michelin Singapore wrote to the chef about being added to the guide. 

"I wrote back and said ‘no,'" White said. 

The celebrity chef is in Singapore this week to open his first restaurant in Asia, The English House, which brings modern British cuisine to the city-state's bustling dining scene. 

Following a tour of the restored 19th century colonial shophouse and restaurant, White explained why he snubbed the venerable red guide, which helped catapult him to fame in the first place: White became famous for being the youngest chef at the time (1994) to earn all three Michelin stars. 

"I don't need Michelin, and they don't need me. They sell tires, I sell food," he said. 

"And the truth is, not one Michelin inspector in this world knows more about food than me," he continues.  

"So why do I need to be judged by people who have less knowledge than me? If I allow people to judge me who have less knowledge than me, doesn't that highlight how insecure I am?" 

White has snubbed Michelin before. In 1999, he famously gave back his three stars just five years after earning them.

As its name suggests, The English House brings Britain to Singapore -- quite literally. From life-sized London underground lavatory signs circa 1964, to a 250-year-old pub sign and the world's largest collection of Terry O'Neill portraits, White said that 98 percent of the restaurant décor was shipped from England. 

The menu features classic, reworked dishes like stuffed cabbage and platters of Angus beef with braised tendons and jus viande. 



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