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Coach announces partnership with ‘More Than A Vote’

Lets vote for change

LVMH owned luxury brand, Coach, have become the latest big name to get involved in encouraging communities of colour to become more actively involved in politics and to exercise their right to vote. Joining forces with More Than A Vote, a new voting right organisation led by LeBron James and other black athletes and athletes.

“The foundation of democracy is the right to vote,” said Jide Zeitlin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tapestry, Inc. and Interim CEO of the Coach Brand. “America cannot resolve systemic racism and inequality without ending voter suppression. We are proud to partner with More Than A Vote and to work toward equal access to the ballot box for every single eligible American.”

The partnership sees Coach committed to using their wealth of resource from employees to collaborators and boutiques to help build More Than A Vote’s mission to educate, energise and protect potential voters in cities in the U.S where voter misinformation and suppression is widespread. This non profit organisation aims to connect influential figures to people of colour and motivate them to educate themselves on political issues that affect them and to vote for change. This unique partnership also sees Coach’s wider commitment to addressing racial inequality.

“Coach is setting the pace by stepping up to the plate as a founding partner with More Than A Vote in the fight against voter suppression,” said Addisu Demissie, Executive Director of More Than A Vote. “Our power lies in the strength of our collective voices. We’re incredibly grateful to have Coach’s voice from day one. Their generosity will pay dividends in our efforts to combat systematic attempts to limit access to the ballot box and strip Black citizens and other people of colour of their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.”

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