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Dyson To Move HQ To Singapore

Dyson is the latest large scale company to leave Britain amid Brexit woes.



Sir James Dyson, one of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs and one of the most outspoken public faces of Brexit, has announced that he is moving his Dyson company HQ of his hairdrier and vacuum cleaner to Singapore.


Although it seems a total 180 from the man who swore he would not leave Britain if they voted for Brexit and urged for the government to move forward with a no-deal solution, Dyson Chief Executive, Jim Rowan, claimed that the move was merely about 'future proofing' the company. Before the recent announcement, the company already had a large stake in Singapore, with Dyson already using Singapore as the site of most of its production and the company announced their plans to build an electric vehicle plant in Singapore by 2020.


With the move causing uproar in the UK, it seems that Britain's loss will be Singapore's gain.

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