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Emirates Goes Plastic Free

Dubai's national carrier joins the fight against plastic.



By now, you can't move for information about just how badly the production and scale of production of plastic is damaging today's world but with the likes of plastic bags and straws imbedded in today's daily convenience, it seems easier to talk about breaking the cycle than actually doing it.


So hearing about one of the world's largest, and most-awarded, airlines making strides to actually ban plastic on board comes as a pleasant surprise. Emirates Airline have recently announced that as of June 1st, plastic straws will be replaced by eco-friendly ones, plastic swizzle sticks will also be replaced by an eco-friendly alternative by the end of the year and from August, Inflight purchases will be placed in a paper, not plastic, bag. Emirates estimates that these initiatives will remove an estimated 81.7 million single-use plastic items from landfills each year. What is even better to hear is that this isn't the first environmental initiative taken on by the airline. Based on a suggestion from a member of the cabin crew, large plastic bottles used on the flight have been taken to recycling centres, rather than landfills at the end of each month, with the airline estimating this saves around 150,000 plastic bottles from landfills in Dubai each month.