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Five Guys opens its second Singapore restaurant

And it's at Serangoon NEX.

Did you know that when Five Guys opened their first restaurant in Singapore, they sold over 1000 burgers in just one day? It seems people can't get enough of Barack Obama's favourite hamburger restaurant and considering the fact that all of their meat is cooked totally from fresh on that day, it's not hard to see why really.

So as they prepare to open their second outlet at Serangoon NEX, here are some more reasons why this US burger joint is proving so popular over here.

  • There is no cut and paste option here - Five Guys encourage customers to customise their meals which means that there are about 250,000 combinations possible
  • They offer 15 free toppings including a house topping created exclusively by Heinz for Five Guys
  • Saying no to carbs? No problem as you can choose the insta-famous lettuce wrap option for your burger or bun
  • It's not just the meals that can be customised, the shakes have 10 unique extras you can mix and match
  • There are no freezers on-site, which means that everything is made and cooked freshly that day
  • In a commitment to providing the best possible taste, the potatoes are soaked in ice-cold water once cut, to remove extra starch and then double-fried in pure peanut oil to give the 'mashed chip' flavour Five Guys are known for.
  • The ingredients on the menus are no accident, Five Guys aim to target the five sensory properties: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and unami with their ingredients. 

Five Guys is now open at Serangoon NEX, B1-41-43.