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Five Guys Sells Over 1000 Burgers In One Day

Singapore is known as a nation of foodies but even ardent food fans couldn't have guessed how hungry we were for Five Guys burgers.


Known as Barack Obama's favourite fast-food chain and hailing from the U.S, Five Guys recently opened their doors at Plaza Singapura selling their signature range of burgers and sandwiches each with 15 toppings available and 11 milkshake flavours as well as their signature fries. 

So apart from telling you all about the new venue, which joins the 1,600 Five Guys worldwide, what's the big fuss about? Well, to put it simply, their opening day must be one for the records due to the fact that they sold over 1000 burgers and 500 milkshakes - that's a lot of hungry mouths  to feed.