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HighEnd Media Appreciation Party: $55,000 Worth Of Prizes Won!

And we still can’t thank you guys enough.

What a year it has been – and what a way to cap it. HighEnd Media, the team behind CROWN and BILLIONAIRE, rocked with our esteemed partners, readers and friends in a year-end appreciation party to remember.

It was a heady evening on 30 November at The Great Room. Fuelled by hearty grub and premium booze, our guests ushered in the festive season with plenty of good vibes and cheer. In turn, we did our best to thank everyone for their support with giveaways and lucky draw prizes. Over S$55,000 worth of prizes were won, including the top prize – a $17,000 two-night luxury pool-suite villa stay at The Slate Phuket. Guess the party’s just getting started for some.

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