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How To Keep Your Technology Clean From The Coronavirus

Let's keep it clean, people.


On the global list of dirtiest things you touch everyday, our handphones sit at number four, with laptops at number nine. A veritable breeding ground for bacteria, there has never been a more important time to keep your technology clean to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.


Of course, we all know that we have to keep our hands clean with soap and water, but how do we clean our technology? Here are a few tips.


Firstly, take a damp cloth with a small amount of alcohol-based solution (but less than 70 percent alcohol or it will damage the devise) or soap, take off the protective cover and wipe the front, back and sides thoroughly. Next, move onto your laptops and ipads and do the same, ensuring the cloth is not too damp for water to seep into the audio parts.


A good general rule of thumb would be to use a lint cloth, turn off all devises before cleaning and clean each devise several times a day.