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Is this the most popular holiday of the year?

And it's basically going nowhere.

When the Singapore Tourism Board announced last Thursday that they were starting a pilot programme allowing round-trip, non-stop cruises, the whole of holiday starved Singapore rejoiced. 6,000 people to be exact as that is how many bookings Genting Cruise lines, have taken in just a few short days. 

Michael Goh, head of international sales at Genting Cruise Lines said about the demand: 'The response has been overwhelming. We call it a 'superstaycation', because we offer all three meals, outdoor activities like waterslides and rock climbing, and even a Christmas musical. It is a complete holiday experience. The ship itself is the destination." 

With various packages on offer, Genting revealed that the weekend getaway was particularly of interest due to the fact travellers only need to take one day off work.

And while holiday starved travellers rush to the cruise ships, Singapore Airlines unveiled the Singapore Airlines Restaurant A380@Changi this week during which diners can pay between $50-$500 to have a three-hour lunch on the aircrafts. 





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