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Jim Rogers Predicts Worst 'Bear Market' Of His Lifetime

And here is how to survive it.

When it comes to investment advice, Jim Rogers is one of the names we sit up and listen to. Having risen to economic fame and glory in 1973 thanks to his founding of 'Quantum Fund' alongside George Soros, Rogers now considers himself somewhat retired and spends his time authoring best-selling books including 'Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market' and giving speeches at brown-brick universities on the future of the world economic standing.

So, as the world starts to peek its head out of COVID -fueled panic and the world tries to get adjusted to our new normals, what should we be looking out for in terms of safe investments moving forward? Well, speaking recently, Jim Rogers gave some startling predictions that this year would see the biggest 'bear market' of this lifetime. But, before we all start to panic, what exactly is a 'bear market?' It can be defined as when a specific market goes down around 20% for a sustained period of time. A bear market only affects certain industries and the good news is that they are often short lived. But for most, even short lived is too long so luckily Rogers also gave his advice on what to invest in this year to avoid getting caught up in financial turmoil. 



“The all-time high for silver is $50 an ounce; now it’s $23. Why can’t silver go back to its all-time high? That’s the way markets usually work,” he said of one of his favourite commodities, silver. Rogers claims it can be safe in a bear market thanks to the fact that investors favour it thanks to the fact it keeps its value and can also be used for many purposes, one of them being for building solar panels and with clean energy on the rise and the likes of solar paneling being favoured - demand has never been greater for silver.



Moving forward with the concept of clean energy, Rogers cites copper as a safe and good investment thanks to the rise in electric vehicles.  

“An electric car uses several times as much copper as a combustion engineering car, so there’s going to be huge demand for some of these metals that we didn’t have before. t’s at all-time highs now, but electric cars are just getting started." he explained. 



Those who know Rogers and his words of economic wisdom will well know that he loves agricultural commodities including sugar and corn but for this bear market, he is focusing on the actual farmland itself. All the way back in 2012, he stressed the importance of agriculture and to place a greater focus on it saying to Forbes: " there's going to be a huge shift in American society, American culture, in the places where one is going to get rich. The stock brokers are going to be driving taxis. The smart ones will learn to drive tractors so they can work for the smart farmers. The farmers are going to be driving Lamborghinis. I'm telling you. You should start Forbes Farming." 

Of this bear market, he added recently: “Unless we’re going to stop wearing clothes and eating food, agriculture is going to get better. If you really, really love it, go out there and get yourself a farm and you’ll get very, very, very rich.” 

And while quitting ones job and starting life on a farm isnt for everyone, investing in farmland across the globe and using the income from crop sales to grow your harvest is an actual, realistic idea for just about anyone.