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Nuanu Announces Permanent Art Museum in Collaboration with Artist Eugene Kangawa

Nuanu’s new art and cultural landmark in Bali.

Nuanu, the creative city spanning 44 hectares in Bali, Indonesia, is excited to announce the upcoming Eugene Museum, a permanent art museum set to open in 2026 in Bali, Indonesia. This project is a unique collaboration between Nuanu and Japanese-American artist Eugene Kangawa, with architectural design led by the esteemed Indonesian architect Andra Matin. The Eugene Museum will span over one hectare, covering 3,000 square metres. It will feature more than 15 gallery spaces, a café, a library, and a reading room. Beyond its role as an exhibition space, the museum aims to be a centre for education, research, and community engagement, with a strong emphasis on social involvement.

This project marks a significant milestone in Nuanu's dedication to enhancing the art and cultural landscape of Bali and Indonesia. By integrating world-class art and innovative architectural design, the Eugene Museum aims to create a hub for cultural exchange and artistic excellence. This initiative not only enriches Nuanu's cultural offerings but also strengthens its position as a leader in promoting and nurturing the arts.

Sergey Solonin, Founder of Nuanu stated - “One of the missions I aim to achieve through Nuanu is to provide people with access to art and art education. I hope this artistic collaboration with Eugene Kangawa not only inspires but also contributes to that mission and adds to the cultural richness and diversity of the region.“

Known for his conceptual approach to art, Kangawa creates works that harness and expand the imagination, exploring universal themes of love, fate, and ephemerality. His installations, which incorporate painting, objects, sound, and moving images, manipulate natural phenomena to provoke deep sensory experiences. As the youngest artist to have a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Kangawa's extensive artistic output will be showcased at the Eugene Museum, featuring over 15 permanent installations, including both existing and newly commissioned works. Highlights include 'Goldrain' (2019), with its golden particle shower, 'Sea Garden / Critical' (2021), reflecting an infinite sea, and a new installation using magnified cloud molecules.

Kangawa said: “I am grateful for the enthusiasm from the diverse range of communities and collectors from Indonesia and beyond, who proposed and supported the realisation of Eugene Museum, a permanent home for my work. ‘Nusantara’, which refers to archipelago in Indonesian, is a word imbued with history in Indonesia’s context as the world’s largest archipelagic state. In this sense of being separate yet together at the same time, I’ve been thinking about how the entire world could then be considered an archipelago as well. Bali is a beautiful place that overflows with nature and philosophy for life, and I feel it has a special affinity with my work. I hope that visitors will be able to experience the symbiosis between art, nature, and life through their encounters at Eugene Museum.”

Andra Matin, Architect said: “There are many similarities between my architectural practice and Kangawa’s works, which includes our admiration of natural elements such as the sun, breeze, and shadow. By unifying Eugene Museum and its surrounding landscape, we have designed for natural light to resonate and adapt to the museum’s interior spaces throughout the day. Beyond those necessary for artwork display, the entire museum will incorporate minimal artificial lighting and is a unique approach that marks our commitment to building a sustainable museum.”