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Rolex Launches Certified Pre-Owned Programme

Are they doing it to help cull the fakes being produced or just because they want a piece of the second-hand market action?


The thing about a Rolex, is that it will last long after you are gone and so for that, and many other reasons including prestige, style, etc, the second-hand market is booming beyond control, with Bloomberg estimating that the market is worth about US$20Billion. Before now, if you wanted to make sure your Rolex was authentic you would just have to do your research and hope that you were buying from a reputable seller or company as Rolex had no part in verifying pieces brought into them. 

All this looks set to change with the launch of their Certified Pre-Owned Programme. Launching initially at Bucherer boutiques in six countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark and the UK) from the start of December 2022, other oifficial Rolex Retailers who choose to be part of this programme will be able to do so from spring 2023.

The new programme makes it possible to purchase pre-owned watches that the brand itself has certified and guaranteed. Its aim is to bring added value to the existing supply of pre-owned Rolex watches. Because when these watches change hands, their authenticity must be attestable at the time of resale by the Official Retailers. Rolex advocates the durability of its products. 


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