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Singaporean Winners Embark on Exclusive Internship at Oracle Red Bull Racing HQ in the UK

Two exceptional talents from Singapore, Charis Chua and Heng Yi-Hsin, have won the highly competitive Red Bull Intern Championship.

Their triumph, which saw them outshine thousands of other Singaporean residents, was announced by none other than three-time world champion Max Verstappen.Charis and Yi-Hsin have earned an exclusive two-month internship with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team in Milton Keynes, UK. This prestigious opportunity will give them firsthand experience in one of the most dynamic and high-pressure environments in the sports world.


Want to see some exclusive behind-the-scenes of working at Red Bull Racing? 😲 Tell us what you’d love to see from the new interns @charischua_ and @yi.hsn ! They will begin their journey at the @redbullracing headquarters in Milton Keynes in June and end their tenure by supporting the team at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore later this September! 🙌🏻 Drop your suggestions in the comments! 💬 #redbullsg #redbullinternchampionship #redbullracing #singapore #worldsfastestjobad

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Meet the Champions

Charis Chua: A student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Charis won in the Hospitality and Events Internship category. Her background in public relations and her exceptional communication skills shone through in her comprehensive case study, which highlighted her ability to engage effectively with audiences.

Reflecting on her journey, Charis said, “I was 15 years old when I first dreamt of working in Formula One. The passion of everyone involved in the sport really drew me in, and I promised myself I would work hard to be part of it one day. When the Red Bull Intern Championship was announced, I knew it was the opportunity I had been waiting for. Winning it wasn’t easy, and I was visibly shaking when I received the winners’ email. This internship is an invaluable experience, and I can't wait to embark on this journey with the Red Bull Racing team.”

Heng Yi-Hsin: Also an NTU student, Yi-Hsin won the Red Bull Relations Internship. Her experience includes an internship at The Straits Times, where she honed her photojournalism skills, and a previous role as a Marketing and Advocacy Intern. Her passion, creativity, and wit were evident in her short video submission, which gave her an edge in the competition.

Yi-Hsin shared her excitement, saying, “I stumbled upon F1 a few years ago and was immediately hooked. Working in F1 felt like a pipe dream, so when the Red Bull Intern Championship was announced, I knew I had to give it my all. It feels incredibly surreal to be part of the Oracle Red Bull Racing team!”

The Red Bull Intern Championship Journey

Gearing Up with Oracle Red Bull Racing

Charis and Yi-Hsin will gain invaluable experience during their internship with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team. They will delve into various critical aspects of operations, from engineering nuances to logistics mastery, ensuring seamless race day execution. This hands-on experience will broaden their knowledge and fine-tune their skills, preparing them for future careers in fast-paced environments.

Looking Ahead

After their internship, Charis and Yi-Hsin will participate in the Singapore Grand Prix, one of Singapore’s most anticipated events. With their newfound expertise, they will significantly enhance the racing weekend, showcasing their talent and dedication. Follow Charis and Yi-Hsin's journey at Red Bull, TikTok, and Instagram