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Singapore’s Sirius Venture backs Israeli food-tech startup SuperMeat

When tech meets science and farming.

Singapore-based venture capital firm Sirius Venture Capital have invested $3 million into Israeli biotech and food-tech startup, SuperMeat, in their latest round of funding. 


In a recent statement, the venture firm said that they had joined the funding round to help SuperMeat gain significant breakthroughs in the world of science in their work of growing meat in a controlled environment and to help develop a feasible, scalable way to make this an actual meat alternative. In recent years, SuperMeat's work has been focused on developing clean meat using cells extracted painlessly from chickens and grown in lab-controlled conditions. This removes the need for both animal slaughter and the risk of the animals being exposed to animal waste and disease. 


Sirius’ founder and managing director Eugene Wong said that a global food revolution is imminent and that food-tech holds the answer to the future of food among a growing population, hence the investment. He stated: "Our plan is to invest in a high-growth startup that will shift the food industry and reinvent dietary habits in the near future." 




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