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Star Wars comes to Marina Bay Sands

May the force be with you


Calling all sci-fi fans! From January 30th to June 13th, Singapore's ArtScience Museum will be hosting STAR WARS™ Identities in collaboration with Pico Pico. With Singapore the final stop of the exhibitions global tour, this show-stopping exhibition of nearly 200 original items from the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art aims to explore the science of identity through the characters of the iconic films. Each visit will be customised so that through your experiences in the exhibition, you are able to answer the most important question: what force shapes you? 

 Speaking of the exhibition,  George Lucas, creator of Star Wars said: “Through the exploration of the characters and worlds of Star Wars, this interactive exhibition connects us with themes that can resonate with our own sense of self, familial identity and shared experience. In Singapore, the exhibition will engage that connection…fantasy meets reality, with a dash of reflection and adventure.” 

With over 200 authentic props, models, costumes and artworks from the original films, the exhibition spans the original Star Wars films from 1977-1983, the prequels from 1999-2005, the trilogies and the animated series sets.