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Temasek Unit To Invest Up To $38m In Ezion

Temasek's investments are in the news again.



What do smart companies do when they see an opportunity? Well, they jump on it, which is exactly what Temasek have done in this case. While Singapore based Ezion Holdings Ltd, who operate ships used for the oil and gas industry, have been reporting losses for some time, they have found a potential money making stream by issuing new shares and granting the options of purchase to none other than Temasek Holdings.


While the funds will be injected by Pavilion Capital Fund Holdings on behalf of Temasek, Enzion Holdings Ltd have said they will use the cash injection to expand their current business and to potentially explore new opportunities, ventures and partnerships. And it seems the timing could not be better for the brand as they recently reported a loss of $1.02 billion.