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Thailand Expands Visa-Free Travel and Seeks Mutual Exemption with Australia

Thailand is making bold moves to enhance its tourism and business sectors, with plans to offer visa-free travel to citizens of additional countries.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin announced the intention to expand the visa-free programme, which has already proven successful with China and India. In a recent meeting with Australia's Governor-General, David Hurley, Prime Minister Thavisin discussed plans for a mutual visa exemption scheme between Thailand and Australia. This proposal aims to strengthen ties and create more opportunities for travel and business between the two nations.

The Thai government's commitment to boosting tourism was underscored by Prime Minister Thavisin, who highlighted measures to ensure traveller safety and improve conditions for visitors. He also encouraged Australian travellers to explore Thailand's health-oriented travel experiences. Furthermore, both sides expressed satisfaction with ongoing military cooperation, including joint exercises and staff training initiatives. This cooperation is seen as crucial for enhancing defence readiness against emerging security challenges.

Thailand's proactive approach to visa waivers extends beyond Australia, with recent agreements with China, India, and Taiwan. These agreements have eliminated visa requirements for citizens travelling between these countries and Thailand, further promoting tourism and strengthening economic and strategic partnerships. As Thailand continues to attract visitors and investors, the government remains focused on creating a welcoming environment for travellers and businesses alike. The upcoming ASEAN-Australia Special Summit presents an excellent opportunity for Thailand to showcase its economic potential on a regional stage.

With these initiatives, Thailand is solidifying its position as a key player in Southeast Asia's tourism and business landscape, while fostering closer ties with its international partners.