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The Hour Glass and MB&F Bring Time to Life

The vibrant intersection of time, art, and innovation converges once again as ART SG, the largest art fair in Southeast Asia and the Oceanic region, returns for its highly anticipated second edition.

Proudly standing as the Associate Partner, The Hour Glass is set to mesmerize art enthusiasts with a captivating collaboration with MB&F, featuring the mesmerizing kinetic sculptures of Ukrainian artist duo Smith & Winken.

The Hour Glass, a beacon of sophistication in the world of watchmaking since 1979, has consistently championed the fusion of horology with contemporary visual arts and design. From adorning their corporate offices and boutiques with prominent artworks to pioneering bespoke projects alongside renowned international artists, The Hour Glass has been a steadfast advocate for the marriage of culture and the arts.

One standout example of their commitment is the landmark exhibition, "Then Now Beyond," held in 2019 to mark their 40th anniversary. Featuring specially commissioned works by artists like Daniel Arsham, nendo, and Marc Newson, the exhibition underscored The Hour Glass's dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Building on their legacy, The Hour Glass showcased emerging Malaysian talent Jun Ong as the first artist for the inaugural edition of ART SG, continuing their multi-year sponsorship of the fair. Now, for ART SG 2024, The Hour Glass is set to transport visitors into the fascinating realm of the MB&F Lab, an extension of MB&F’s M.A.D.Gallery that debuted in Singapore’s Raffles Hotel.

The highlight of this collaboration is the introduction of seven out of the 20 limited edition kinetic sculptures from the Endless Movement collection by Smith & Winken. Each piece, a masterpiece in its own right, beckons visitors to explore the fourth dimension, blurring the lines between art and time.

Michael Tay, Group Managing Director of The Hour Glass, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “As one of the world's leading cities of the 21st century, Singapore's position in the art world continues its rise to prominence. ART SG adds positively to this initiative, and, for a second year running, The Hour Glass commits to support this world-class fair.”

Adding to the excitement, Max Büsser, Founder of MB&F, shared his admiration for Smith & Winken’s work, describing their bionic sculptures as "living organisms" that seamlessly bridge the gap between the past and the future.

Smith & Winken, the Ukrainian artistic duo, is making their debut in Singapore with a stellar lineup of kinetic sculptures. From the enchanting ‘Hover’ and ‘Tessen’ to the futuristic ‘Spero,’ each creation tells a unique story that invites observers to interpret their own narrative.

The connection between Smith & Winken’s kinetic sculptures and the intricate movements of watches is evident. Winken explained, “We are fascinated by the precision and eternity of watch movements, both from a technical and philosophical point of view. A watch represents eternity and cyclicality; both are categories that will forever remain with a person.”

Endless Movement will be unveiled at Basement 2, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, inviting all ART SG visitors to experience the mesmerizing world of kinetic art. The intricate yet smooth motions of these sculptures, reminiscent of watch complications, promise to transport viewers through a timeless journey at Singapore’s largest-ever art fair.

In the words of Smith, "Each exhibition is an opportunity to convey our sense of inner freedom through our objects, which work better than a thousand words." As we step into this immersive showcase, we are reminded that art, like time, is a boundless canvas waiting to be explored.

Friday, 19 January | 12pm – 7pm
Saturday, 20 January | 11am – 7pm
Sunday, 21 January | 11am – 5pm