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The Launch Of Google Pixel Buds

The New Google Headphones Translates 40 Languages In Real Time

With the holiday season fast approaching, the newly launched Google Pixel Buds could be a godsend for your gallivants in a foreign speaking country.

Google just launched its new range of tech gears, which included the Pixel Buds that provides real-time audio translation in 40 languages. The tech giant revealed its Pixel Buds alongside the Pixel 2 and larger Pixel 2 XL smartphones on October 4th in San Francisco. Among this new line of tech gear, the Pixel Bud created the greatest buzz.

The wireless headphones are designed to work with the Pixel 2 phone, with its major function being the ability to live translate speech in 40 languages and provide 24 hours of listening time. The translation software allows users to both listen to and speak in foreign languages using their smartphone. This is the first time a major tech company has brought such a product to the market.

How does it work? For listening services, holding down the ear bud will translate a foreign language into the user's chosen language while voice-command activation of the Google Assistant allows the user to speak in other languages using the Google Translate app. For instance, by pressing the ear bud and saying, "let me speak Japanese", users will be able to talk in English and their smartphone speakers will automatically translate into Japanese.

The earbuds will be available in November for $159 but are available for preorder now.


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