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The Orient Express Arrives In December

Choo, Choo - all aboard the Orient Express.


If you have ever longed for a dose of the good old days of travel, now is your chance as The Orient Express weaves its magical way into Singapore in December 2020 for a special and unique exhibition. 

With Singapore being chosen as the first destination outside of France to show this exciting experience will bring all the magical history of the world's most famous train journey to our sunny shores. The exhibition will lift the veil behind this amazing train, created in 1883, that, to this day, remains the absolute pinnacle of luxury travel and refinement. 

Taking place at Marina Bay Sands, visitors can discover the events that determined the rail routes, the history behind the making of the trains, look at how the cuisine has changed through the years and experience the train as both visitor and worker alike. 


Speaking of the exhibition, Claude Mollard, Curator of “Once Upon A Time on The Orient Express" said: " “Designing and staging a display like the Orient Express in Singapore meant collecting around 300 precious items and documents, having to restore some of them and adapt many of the furniture and displays to its former glory. It involved shipping historic monuments –a locomotive built in France 158 years ago and a 1930s sleeper car, weighing close to 200 tonnes, it is undoubtedly one of the heaviest to be shipped across the world. All these elements needed to be housed in a custom built infrastructure with the right conditions to store, preserve and protect the artworks and displays. This is especially due to the hot and humid climate in Singapore.”









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