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This Luxury Hotel In Singapore Offers Guests A Free Night If It Rains Too Much

Should we be changing our name to the Rainy City?

While Singapore has many reasons for tourists to flock to our little city state, the is no doubting that the rain can often stop play. But it seems that InterContinental have just introduced what they call their "Rain resist bliss" package as their form of insurance if you will for holiday makers.

The hotel's general manager, Andreas Kraemer, said he came up with the idea while thinking of new ways to attract big-spending customers. Telling CNN, he said" I was chatting with a group of friends about what's next in luxury travel and one of them jokingly commented that being able to guarantee good weather would be the next level of ultimate luxury travel. I believe that this move will set an unprecedented standard in luxury hospitality."

Sound good? Well, it comes with some caveats. The first one being the big one - that this package is only available for those who are booking the hotel's suites where the prices range from $900 to $3000 a night. The second stipulation is that it needs to rain for 120 cumulative minutes within any four-hour period during daylight hours - and the weather must also disrupt at least one of the guest's planned activities - knowing how often, and how much, it rains here that one doesn't seem like too much of a stretch. 

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