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Top 5 Business Apps To Download This Week

From currency convertors to productivity tools, here are the top five business apps you need to know about this week.



ChangeMate Currency

Working much like XE, ChangeMate is a currency coverter app that collects data and information from key banks across the world to provide you with up to date and accurate financial information and currency conversions. The handy thing about this app is that it can also work when you don't have internet access, making it a perfect holiday partner.


Master of Typing Pro - Type Fast

If your brain goes faster than your fingertips, you are not along. This is where Master of Typing Pro comes in which is a handy little app that through various modules and tests, not only teaches you to touch type, but teaches all kinds of keyboard shortcuts and tricks.



Magnet is so popular that this week, it lists as Apple's pick for the 'Get Productive' and 'Invaluable Utilities' sections. So, what's it all about? Quite simply, it allows you to pick data and information from various apps and compare and contrast them side by side.



If you are someone who works best with ideas laid out visually, then this is the app for you. MindNode's main claim is that it allows you to organise and share your thoughts in a visual, intuitive way and now matter how big your concept, the app adjusts to ensure your ideas are laid out in a clear, precise way.


Notepad - Text Editor

On the other end of the spectrum from MindNode is Text Editor. A simple, no frills app that allows you to just write and save, Text Editor is perfect for to-do lists, quick ideas or drafting of emails.