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Ways To Help Victims Of Australia's Bushfires

With at least 30 people and millions of animals dead, Australians are reeling from the devastating fires that have been sweeping through parts of the country since October. With the wildfires causing unthinkable damage, scorching millions of acres and destroying homes, here are some ways you can help those devastated in the fires.


Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross is accepting kind donations through its Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund which to date, has helped send over 1200 volunteers to communities affected by the fires and to offer assistance in over 70 evacuation centres. It is also helping those directly affected by offering emergency grants to help cover immediate needs. 


Salvation Army Australia 

The Salvation Army are using any donations to the disaster relief fund by helping various ways, including mental health support by those affected and housing. “Financial donations also allow residents the opportunity to make their own choices and inject much-needed funds into local economies and businesses, helping communities recover sooner,” the organization says.



GIVIT works in three ways. Firstly you can look for donations if you have been affected by the fires, secondly you can look for items if you are a charity helping those affected and thirdly, you can donate specific items such as shopping vouchers, clothing or transportation.  


RSPCA New South Wales

The organisation has set up a bush fire appeal to support their multiple evacuation centres around New South Wales. Working on the ground, once fire zones are cleared, their inspectors will enter to asses and help any injured animals.  


Australian Koala Foundation 

With tens of thousands of animals perishing in the blazes, the Australian Koala Foundation is accepting donations to help injured koalas saved from cleared bushfire affected areas. 


Koalas In Care Inc.

One of Australia's largest Koala rescue centres, even they are shaking  their heads at the devastation left behind by the fires, stating that they "have never experienced such a crisis on such an enormous scale."





WIRES, or the New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc., is Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation. New South Wales is the worst affected area, having the worst fire season for over 20 years. WIRES are taking donations online, over the phone, by Facebook and paypal.