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Yosh Yu appointed as Chaumet China Brand Ambassador

Chinese actor of the moment, Yosh Yu, is announced as the latest face of the luxury French brand.

Earlier this month, Chaumet, the renowned Parisian jeweller best known for its signature tiaras, announced the appointment of actor Yosh Yu as their China brand ambassador.

Together, Chaumet and Yosh Yu join hands to start a new chapter in the rejuvenation of the Maison, sharing common values of loyalty to oneself, ultimate focus, and extraordinary achievement.

Sincere dedication and focused creation have built a unique and elegant tale for Chaumet. With a long history of more than 240 years, it has witnessed the extraordinary thread of the brand's unwavering commitment to itself, as well as the continuous innovation journey of creating classics. Whether it's legendary tiaras, High Jewellery masterpieces, or iconic JoseìphineBee My Love, and Liens collections, Chaumet combines sincere emotions with exquisite craftsmanship, precipitating an irreplaceable absolute strength.

As a rising star in the acting world, Yosh Yu possesses a passionate unrestrained free spirit, as well as true tenacity in his chosen field. For things he loves, Yosh always pours his passion into them without reservation, striving for ultimate excellence, allowing "time" to witness the effort and ultimately make "time" extraordinary - the spiritual core also embraced by Chaumet for two and a half centuries.

Watch this space to see what the jewellery house and Yu come up with in the coming months.

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