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8 Of The Best Style Investments

Sure, it might be a lot to shell out but when you think of it on a cost per wear basis, these are the best style investments you can make.



1. Chanel Handbag

Chanel is one of the few designer names to retain their price even in the second hand, re sale market. Opt for a classic, such as the 2.55 bag in black, and you are sure to keep it a lifetime.


2. Cartier Watch

Trends come and go but a classic watch will see you through every phase in your life. We love the Tank for its classic versatility.


3. The Birkin Bag

Ok so this is one big investment but it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will it last several lifetimes (you can get touch-ups done in any Hermes boutiques) but if you opt for the large size, it can be used as hand luggage too. 


4. Gucci Loafers

Go for a classic pair in brown, black or red and you won't regret it. 


5. Cartier Love Bracelet

Every woman needs a couple of serious pieces of jewellery and the Cartier Love bracelet is just that. Classic, timeless and effortlessly elegant, this bangle will last you for the rest of your days. 


6. Hermes Silk Scarf

Wear it as a headband, around your bag handle or even as a bracelet, there are so many uses you can get out of a Hermes scarf that you really can't say no to indulging. 


7. Burberry Trench

Sure, you wont get much use out of it in Singapore but trust me, once you travel to colder climes, nothing will keep you as sartorially snug as a Burberry trench.


8.  An Investment Wallet

The piece holds it all together is a good quality wallet. We love Prada for their chic simplicity or Smytheson for a good old bit of classic charm. 

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